About Brunetti’s Interiors

aboutAt Brunetti’s Interiors, our goal is to guide the client through the design process in an enjoyable, efficient way, while incorporating both budget and timeline limits, and to continually meet challenges with innovative solutions.

From paint consultation to new construction, I handle every aspect of interior design. I believe interior design advice should be available to everyone and that no project is too small. I’ve been an independent designer since 1978 with projects that have ranged from estates in Pebble Beach to small apartments in San Francisco and just about everything in between. I work throughout the western states, with clients in California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and Hawaii. Throughout the past 30+ years, I’ve traveled to both national and international tradeshows to keep current with new products and have maintained lasting relationships with numerous industry manufacturers.

Prior to studying Interior Design, I received my Associate’s degree in Biological Sciences and my Baccalaureate of Science in Environmental Studies. I then spent five years in the mid 70s, working for the U.S. Forestry in rural Northern California. This deepened my appreciation and regard for the environment and it’s influenced my design work ever since. As a result, sustainability is always the foundation of every project. In 1985, I moved to the Monterey Bay area and today enjoy the blend of both metropolitan and coastal lifestyles.

At the forefront of each project is the concept of product longevity and timeless design. After raising two boys, I tend to not only look at design through an artistic eye, but from a practical standpoint as well.

I approach each new project with a “can-do” perspective, incorporating the ideals of “form follows function.” I start each interview with “How can I help you?” And it all flows from there. Attention to detail is of utmost importance, as are both budget and timelines. I know that the most efficient and harmonious project environment is one where everyone communicates and works together as a team including the owner, contractor, architect, and all subcontractors as well as myself.

My design philosophy is to turn each client’s vision into a reality. One of the most satisfying moments for me as a design professional is when I see that vision come together and have the opportunity to share with my clients that joyful feeling of a job well done.

Why Hire a Designer?

Designers address psychological as well as aesthetic issues, understanding human behavior and needs regarding the way a space is experienced by the occupants and how it functions. All aspects of a building interact with each other, and decisions made in the beginning can determine the success of the completed venture. Bringing an interior designer into your team early in the design process can add value to your project even before final architectural drawings are completed or construction begins. ~ Hale-Williams

The purchase of a home is usually a person’s largest financial investment. When you work with a designer:

  • You are more likely to meet your budget.
  • You are much less likely to make expensive mistakes or unnecessary purchases.
  • You have an expert working with you, someone who will make sure the end result is exactly what you were hoping for.
  • You will avoid unnecessary stress and save time and money.
  • You have unlimited access to products that may not otherwise be available to you.
  • You will have access to up to date information on new materials & technology.
  • Your designer will have knowledge on safety, ergonomic & acoustic requirements.
  • You will have management of your project, including interior specifications and installations
  • You will have an objective point of view and expertise in interior functional requirements, products and esthetics
  • Your design situation will be critiqued with a long term point of view

the team

  • Anthony Brunetti

    Basically born into the Interior Design field, Anthony has become the most efficient installer that I've ever worked with. He hangs and dresses window treatments, he also installs, programs and trouble shoots operating electronics. An accomplished fine artist and skilled faux finisher, Anthony is also a licensed painting contractor. With Anthony's attention to detail and his drive for expanded higher education, he is quickly becoming our Renaissance man. If you’re interested in contacting Anthony as an independent contractor, call him at 831-247-3952.

  • Jeff Talmadge

    I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Jeff and his team at Talmadge Construction for the past two decades and being the lead Interior Designer on several award winning projects. Jeff is very personable, exceptionally detailed in both the physical execution of a project but also, as a NARI-Certified remodeler, he brings a complete understanding of the business practices specific to the remodeling industry. Jeff is my go-to for any remodel project. If you’re interested in contacting Jeff as an independent contractor, call him at 831-689-9133.

  • John Egbert

    I had the pleasure of being introduced to John in 2005. We worked on an award winning complete house remodel. We have continued to work on projects together since that time. John is an amazingly talented professional with the most calm disposition. Without exception, I recommend John for any job that requires interior trim or related installations. For a job done right, precise and on schedule, don't look any further. If you’re interested in contacting John as an independent contractor, call him at 831- 359-2530.

  • Charles Doty

    If you need to glue, paste or otherwise attach any type of interior treatment, the first person that I call is Charles Doty. Charles and I have worked together for more than two decades on a multitude of projects. He is an amazing talent. His attention to detail is impeccable and is exemplified by his calm demeanor and professional attitude. If you’re interested in contacting Charles as an independent contractor, call him at 831-427-3322.